3 Nov

Today at 16:41 I called my voicemail and  heard these words from Melissa at the Tribunal office “The nullity of the marriage has been proven”. What a journey I’ve had in 35 years with my God by my side. Through laughter, love, tears, anger, fear, resentment, faith and humility. The relationship I’ve had with my God has been so intertwined with my ex husband and it has been a struggle since 1st June 2012…today I finally feel at peace knowing they are no longer. I appreciate all that I have learnt from this relationship. In particular the relationships that have strengthened or been created since. To my future husband….come and find me and let’s live in sin for a while. Unky x


4 things to be sure to be sure

8 Nov

– Pressure
– Balance
– Expectation
– Results

These four things can at times consume ‘life’ and ‘living’.

I can go all hippy on your arse and say life is all about balance, being uncomplicated and happy.

“Enjoy the simple things in life.” or “Life is short, live in the present.”

We’ve all either read it, heard it or preached it at some point to inspire someone who was in a slump.

So focus on four things that we actually need.

We all need to breathe, sleep, eat and shit. They are four definite non-negotiable things we as human beings need.

How complicated can we get really…we breathe, we eat, we sleep and we shit.

Without these four things we become either unhappy, unhealthy or dead.

So ask yourself these four questions…

Did I breathe today?

Did I eat today?

Did I sleep today?

Did I poop today?

To those questions you answered no …ask yourself what needs to change in order to make that into a yes? A chamomile tea or some quality tunes to make you sleepy? Maybe some All Bran or Mylanta chewables to get things moving ?

If you answered yes to two or more…congratulations you’ve passed and you are gonna be just fine.

Four out of four…dang you are onto a good thing tiger!

over & out